Friday, November 10, 2006

You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

So we hear from Dave Hancock's wife that the Dinning camp is bullying him to quit and bribing him to back Jim.

I wonder who could be behind that?

Perhaps a certain Dinning Campaign Chair caught drunk, talking out of turn in a bar? Again?

See point 5 in the top ten list:

Magnus camp courts Clark: Experts predict fallout
Calgary Herald
Friday, October 12, 2001
Joe Paraskevas with files from David Heyman

People in Calgary political circles are in disbelief after mayoral candidate Ray Clark said Thursday the campaign manager for rival Richard Magnus tried to entice Clark to withdraw from the race.

The fortune of the two mayoral campaigns may hang in the balance, one expert said after Clark presented a tape of Magnus campaign manager Alan Hallman -- one of the top political organizers in Alberta -- telling a Clark campaign volunteer he would "blow away" current Calgary chief executive officer Dale Stanway.

The plan for Stanway was to "put him somewhere else" to make room for Clark, if Magnus became mayor Monday, Hallman was alleged to have said.

"It's a sad business," said longtime provincial and federal Conservative Lee Richardson. "I've known all of these guys for 20 years and can't understand this kind of thing."

Hallman said he had consumed "a ton" of alcohol before meeting the Clark campaign worker at 9 p.m. Tuesday, trying "to get Ray Clark volunteers to come over to our campaign."

"I apologize for that," Hallman said at a news conference. "It was a lack of judgment on my part."

Hallman said the Clark worker he met Tuesday asked for the meeting telling Hallman, "I want to be part of a winning team."

The effect of Clark's allegation may have repercussions for both sides at the voting booth Monday, said University of Calgary political scientist Stan Drabek.

"There's going to be fallout . . . people are going to question Magnus and Hallman and also the Clark campaign. People are going to say: What's behind this?"

Questions from reporters began flying after a grim-faced Clark announced at a news conference Thursday that Hallman had on three occasions in the last two to three weeks made the same offer to two Clark staffers.

"MLA Richard Magnus, through his campaign manager Alan Hallman, has offered me the position of CEO of Calgary if I would bring my supporters over to his campaign," Clark said.

After two meetings between Hallman and Clark's campaign workers at mayoral forums, Clark said he decided the campaign worker going to a third meeting Tuesday evening at an Eau Claire bar would secretly tape record the conversation.

"How else could we prove it?" Clark said. "The first instance I wrote it off. I thought that it would end if we did not respond. (On the third occasion) I believed that it was my responsibility to advise Calgarians that this is going on."

But Clark was also mystified to have been offered the CEO's job.

The City of Calgary has a standard procedure when hiring a top executive and has used it to hire both Stanway and police Chief Jack Beaton.

Council hires an outside consultant, who then advertises the job, collects the resumes, does the initial interviews and selects about four candidates.

The matter is then passed on to a committee comprised of five aldermen and the mayor, for followup interviews.

The committee then recommends the person it chooses to council for final approval.

An hour after Clark spoke to the media, Magnus and Hallman took their turn before the microphones.

"My campaign manager made a suggestion that was inappropriate," Magnus said.

"It was wrong. It shouldn't have happened.

"However, Mr. Hallman was acting alone, without my knowledge and without my consent."

If Clark had called him, Magnus added, he would have put a stop to the meetings.

"On behalf of my campaign, I apologize. I will also ask Ray Clark to issue an apology to me for suggesting I was involved in this issue in any way."

Hallman denied knowing of the other two meetings and offered his resignation to Magnus, who refused it.

The news of the meetings was no surprise to Rod Love, a political organizer for Alberta Premier Ralph Klein and Canadian Alliance Leader Stockwell Day.

Rival political camps often meet and socialize, Love said, calling Hallman "a close personal friend," and "one of the best tacticians in the business."

Love was part of an incident involving Hallman during the 1992 provincial Conservative leadership campaign.

Then a senior worker for Calgary MLA Rick Orman, Hallman tried to mislead a reporter about who had organized busloads of advance poll voters, saying it was Love -- a strategist for Klein -- and not himself.

Hallman was dismissed as a result and then said he had shown "a gross lack of judgement."

Reached at city hall, Stanway wouldn't comment on Clark's allegations.