Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jim Dinning's PC Party (otherwise known as the old NDP)

It seems that the news about NDP muckity-muck (now Calgary based Nexen Lobbyist hack) Dwayne Lingenfelter working on the Dinning campaign has proven true, and there is even more to the story.

The man of a million promises (and a million cabinet spots) has been recruiting Alberta's new favourite socialist to run for the AB PC Party. As he currently lives in Calgary West, where Jim's best friend Ron Liepert is the MLA. Perhaps we will see Liepert stepping down to be Jim's Chief of Staff and NDP turned PC Lingenfelter, Dinning's new face of the PC Party.

Not that the Dinning Camp is counting its chickens before they hatch, but some MLA's are definitely counting the muber of cabinet spot.